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Not a very productive week

Unfortunately this wasn't a very productive week as regards my personal chess study after being mugged in London for my iPhone7, and time taken up elsewhere, This week being half-term will allow a more focused chess study week. Day 244: Tuesday : 30 mins / 667 hours...

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Day 242 of 5266

Sunday, end of day 242 of 5266 Personal chess training statistics:: 3 hours 40 mins / 667 hours 10 mins (30 mins tactics / 1 hour 35 mins endgame study / 45 mins Caro-Kann opening study / 50 mins strategy (ChessFox & Chess Master School) / Average of 2.75 hours...

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I've recently started utilising Chessity for tactical exercise training. I think both Chessity and ChessTempo are well designed training websites but I prefer Chessity right at this moment in time. My current tactics rating on Chessity is 1578 with a training activity...

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Day 241 of 5266

Tomorrow, the 20th of May 2017 is day 241 of 5266; day 5266 will be the 21st February 2031 which will be my 70th birthday and the day I apply to FIDE for my FIDE Master title, Progressed has slowed over the past two months with my main focus being the setting up Axon...

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