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“Chess is the gymnasium of the mind”

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Transforming lives through chess, one move at a time

Why Learn Chess with Axon Chess Academy?

Neurological benefits of chess

Chess Raise your IQ

Raises your IQ

Moving knights and rooks around a chessboard can raise a person’s intelligence quotient.

Chess Increases your creativity

Increases problem solving skills

A chess match is like one big puzzle that requires solving.

Chess Improves your memory

Improves your memory

Being a good player means remembering how your opponent has operated in the past.

Chess Improves concentration

It helps prevent dementia

Unused brain tissue leads to a loss of brain power and function.

What do we have to offer

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Latest news from Axon Chess Academy

Institute of Chess Level 3 diploma

Well done to Axon Chess Academy students Alex Ballard and Alex Koehler who both very successfully completed the Institute of Chess Level 3 diploma. This is a superb achievement as level 3 equates to a serious chess club player and requires significant chess knowledge....

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Welcome to Axon Chess Academy

Welcome to Axon Chess Academy. We aim to be the leading chess training company in Europe for all players from total beginners, to established club players. We will be updating this page regularly to tell you what's going on within this amazing game and how we can help...

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Axon Chess Academy was set up to make chess training available to all. Whether you’re aged 8 or 80, we will teach you, providing you with the benefits of playing chess. Although, we are based in the South of England, we provide 1 to 1 coaching to individuals all over the world, not just in the UK.

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